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Welcome to the new EUROWHEAT


Septoria fungicide resistance development and spread can be reduced through good management

2018.02.25 | Research news

New data on CYP51 mutations related to fungicide resistance in Europe is now available. The continuing development in fungicide resistance emphasises the need to implement IPM strategies including anti-resistance principles such as the use of appropriate doses, alteration between different modes of action and mixtures, and reducing the total…

Keeping one step ahead of resistant fungi

2017.06.09 | Research news

European researchers are joining forces to track the spread of resistance in the fungi that cause the wheat disease Septoria tritici blotch and to develop control methods that can help reduce dependence on fungicides.

Warrior race type spreads in Europe

2014.12.23 | Research news

New race data for 2014 were uploaded on 23 December 2014, now includes data from Poland and other East Europe countries. The map show data from 2013 and 2014. See more analysing and interactive tools here

Welcome to the new EuroWheat

EuroWheat group gathered in Denmark. Click on photo to enlarge

The new EuroWheat website is an updated version of The new logo indicate that this network and its website started in the frame of the ENDURE project. Wheat is still one of the most important crops in Europe, but many problems still remaining to be solved i.e. new aggressive strains of important pathogens emerge - we need early warning tools, there are now limited access to old and new fungicides and at the same time fungicide resistance against import compounds are found widespread in Europe - we need to monitor this situation and propose anti-resitance strategies. We have identified that still many data and information related to wheat IPM is scattered and fragmented. By collating and analysing this information - cross countries, cross institutions and cross public and private sector institutions and companies - we believe we can make a difference as a European knowledge hub, supporting the ongoing IPM implementation in EU. Putting attention on one major crop, can be used a showcase how to optimize IPM and sustainable crop production in Europe.    

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